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Papoura Ji

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Papoura Ji

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Shri Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Papouraji Place & Post – Papoura, Dist. – Tikamgarh (M.P.) Pin – 472001 Phone 07683 – 244378, 224776

This Atishaya Kshetra Papouraji is a decent natural place in the center of dense series of high trees and forests.It is at a distance of 5 km in the east of Tikamgarh. This Kshetra is beautified by the 108 prosperous artistic temples with sky high spires. So many Meru, Matha, Garbha Griha (Basement) and Manastambha make this place most attractive. Pampapur is another name of Papouraji. Near Papouraji is a dense vast forest called Ramanna (Forest of Lord Ram) and it is believed that Shri Ram Chandraji may have spent some time here during his stay in forests. This Kshetra is more than 800 years old. Here are two underground basements, one of them has three idols. The idol of principal deity Bhagwan Adinath is made of shining Black stone 2 feet & 8 inch in height. Idols on both sides are also in same colour & stone. All the three idols were installed in V.S. 1202 and are oldest at this Kshetra. Here exists an ancient little pond. It is said that while a person drop a paper having list of required utensils in this pond, the utensils would be received from pond and used by pilgrims. After using & cleaning these utensils they have to be returned to the pond and utensils thus disappeared in water. This miracle is not seen now a days because one person did not returned the utensils received from the pond. Here is a well known as ‘Patrakhan Well’. It is said that an old women organised a party on completion of a big temple (Temple No.-1), suddenly the water of well finished and lack of water for guests was felt. Then that old women entered down into the well reached at the bottom. She than started the prayers with deep heart, a wonder than happened that water started flowing in well and as well as the old woman lifted from the well, the level of water also increased simultaneously. Thus the honour of that old sacred woman was kept. This well is still existing near the mess of school here. Prayers & worship in temple of basement and in Chandraprabhu Mandir (Temple No.-42) is help full in materializing the desires of pilgrims.

Four temples are oldest here, Temple No. 5, 7, 41 & 42. Temple in the basement is oldest among these. Temple No. 7 & 41 are Meru Mandir, Meru Mandirs of same style are also seen at Aharji & Sonagiriji constructed in same period. Five temples belong to 17th & 18th century. Remaining temples were constructed later.

(i) Prachin Samuchchaya (Ancient Place) – This is the oldest place famous as ‘Sabha Mandapa’. A temple is here in the center and 12 Mathas of old style are surrounding it, looks like 12 assemblies of Samavsharan. (ii) Basement – two underground basements are here at Prachin Samuchchaya, one is very high and vast with 3 rooms, one room is 22 feet X 9 feet in size. (iii) Chaubeesee Mandir – There are 6 temples in each direction surrounding a big temple, having one idol of Teerthankar installed in each temple. This type of Chaubeesee is rare at other places. (iv) Chandraprabhu Mandir – The principal deity of this temple are Bhagwan Chandraprabhu, the Almond colored idol in standing posture, 7 feet & 3 inch in height, very attractive and miraculous installed in V.S. 1524. 9 idols are installed here more, among them 8 idols seem as old as principal deity. Out of this temple an artistic pavilion is standing on four pillars. (v) Rathakar Mandir (a temple in shape of Chariot) – This 75th temple here, looks very beautiful like a chariot moving fast. (vi) Bahubali Mandir – This is round shaped temple standing on 24 pillars in 225 feet circumference. Lord Bahubali's 15 feet high standing colossus in installed here, at the same pattern as of Shravanbelgola. In this temple, there are installed idol of 24 Teerthankars in 24 tiny temples around the wall. Colors of idols are according the actual color of Teerthankars.