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Lord Mahavira -The Greatest Ecologist


Lord Mahavira was the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. His entire life was an example of how to live in perfect harmony with the environment.

The Teachings of Lord Mahavlra provide very effective solutions to the numerous environmental problems facing the mankind today. They continue to be as relevant today as they were 2600 years ago.

The Modem scientific concepts like bio-regionalism and deep ecology have been shown as the very significant parts of Mahavlra’s teachings in the context of its theory of reality (Earth and water as living things) and ethics (Ahimsa -careful & friendly with nature).

The Teachings of Lord Mahavira silently and indirectly guide the whole humanity to lead a balanced & sustainable life by taking care of Ecology and Environment in particular.

Jiva Daya (Compassion)

The follower of Lord Mahavira practices the concept of Jiva-daya by showing kindness & merry to all living creatures at every step in daily life.

Jiva daya stands for universal friendliness \ maitri), universal forgiveness (ksama) and universal fearlessness (abhaya).
It aims at the welfare of all living beings.
No harm to any living being is implied.
By observance of each of the vows, a Mahavira laity (Sravaka) discharges his moral, Environmental & social obligations.