02. Punishment For Insulting Namokar Mantra

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Punishment For Insulting Namokar Mantra


STUDENT: Sir, please tell me why the king is putting his feet on the auspicious verse (Namokar Mantra)?

TEACHER: Emperor Subhoum Chakravarti was the ruler of the six Khands of the universe. A stellar divine (Jyotishk Dev) wanted to kill him out of enemity but he could not do so as the king was reciting and remembering the Namokar Mantra. Cunningly the divine asked the emperor to write down the holy verse and put it under his feet, only then, he will let him go. The king did so reluctantly. For humiliating the holy verse the divine was able to drown the king in the ocean. After the death, the king was born in the seventh hell.