07. Reward For Devotion To The Spiritual Saints

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After the holy death (Samadhi) of Shrutkevli Shri Bhadra Bahu, his disciple Maurya Emperor Chandragupt, as a Jain saint lived and worshipped the consecrated feet of his Spiritual Teacher for twelve years in the jungle, with the result that the deities established a city there and served food to the saint. When the group of saints came back, one of the Munis forgot his Kamandal there, after taking the food. In the afternoon he returned to fetch it. He saw that the Kamandal was hanging on a branch of a tree. On seeing this he realized that the deities were pleased with the devotion of Muni Chandragupt towards his precept and so they had served them food. Jain Munis do not accept meals from the hands of deities, therefore, Muni Chandragupt repented and observed punishment vows.

Dear Children! it is not strange that even the divine gods worship those who worship their Spiritual Teachers because it is the cause of even salvation.