08.Punishment For Humiliating Saints

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Once a group of saints (Chaturvidh Sangh) comprising of Muni, Aryika, Shravak, Shravika was passing through a village called ‘Antik'. They were going to Sammed Shikharji. On seeing the nude (naked) saints, all people of the village began to laugh and humiliated them. One Potter even asked them not to do so and he himself prayed and worshipped the Sangh. After sometime a big fire broke out in the village .Sixty thousand persons were burnt alive and died together . For insulting the saints, all of them were born in the category of shell (with 2 Indriyas). There after they were reborn as gijai. After many many births & deaths they all were born as the sons of Sagar Chakravarti.

So children! from this we learn that to laugh & insult others is a sin, all the more when you do so to saints, it is the greatest sin.