09.Vow- Not To Eat After Sunset

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Vow-Not To Eat After Sunset

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Once a jackal took a vow of not to take food1 of all the four kinds in night hours after sunset, from a Jain saint named Sagarsen. One day the jackal was very thirsty. He got down in a Bavadi (well) to quench his thirst. There was darkness in the well, taking it to be night he came up in the open. Seeing light on the surface he again went down .Again & again he walked up & went down, presuming the darkness as night. On account of his vow for not taking anything in night, he died .With the influence of this vow he was born as a human being and was named as Preetinkar Kumar. He accepted Muni Diksha (Initiation) and liberated himself from all his Karmas and attained salvation.

Look children! by eating in night, human beings are born as animals in their next birth like owl, cat etc. Moreover an animal (jackal) not only became a human being but the God by liberating his soul from Karma bondage. Therefore all of us should accept a vow of not eating in night.