10. Kindness For Creatures

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Kindness for Creatures

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Once upon a time Mrigsen fisherman accepted a vow from a Jain saint that the first fish caught by him will be freed after tying a black thread. On the same day after catching the first fish, he marked it and left it in the river to go. Throughout the day the same fish was caught in his net five times and every time he left it in the river .The same night Mrigsen fisherman was bitten by a snake & he died.He was born as Dhankirti Seth & was saved five times from the attempt of murder in his life. Later Dhankirti became a Jain Saint & observed the vows.Thus he was born as Ahamindra deity in Sarvarth Siddhi.

Dear children look, nothing is more important in the world than to save the life of other living beings & nothing is a greater sin than to kill them (or to be violent on them). So always be kind to all the living beings.