13. Unchastity (Kushil)

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Kushil-Sexual enjoyment with other than self wife or husband is known as unchastity. On account of this crime one is named as loose character, crooked or wicked person & is looked down in the society.

Ravan, being attracted by the beauty of Sita, kidnapped her. He tried his best to overpower her by many ways\tricks but he failed miserably. In the end Ravan was killed in the battle field by Lakshaman, the brother of Ram & went to the hell. Look! Just because of a desire to possess other’s wife, Ravan had to go to hell. Then, the persons, who enjoy the sexual pleasure with others' wife, definitely have to suffer the miseries of hell. Therefore one should refrain from committing the crime of unchastity. Sita protected her celibacy. On her trial (examination) even the fire could not burn her & became a pond of water. Even today Sita is famous all over the world for protecting her celibacy & Ravan is defamed for incontinence. No mother would like to name her child Ravan but would be pleased to call him/her as Ram or Sita.