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Second Tirthankara

Birth: Ayodhya
Nirvana: Sammed Shikharji


Lord Ajitnatha is the second Tirthankara. His symbol is an elephant which is always inscribed under his statue even today. According to the literature, he was golden in colour and had a height of 18 hundred hands. He lived for 72 Lacs Purva Years. He belonged to the legendary Ikshvaku dyansty.

Previous Birth

In the western half of Jambudweep, south of the river Sita was the kingdom of 'Vatsa'. In his earlier life, Lord Ajitnatha was he great king Vimalvahan of Susima city in Mahavideh area of the kingdom. He led a pious life in spite of the available princely grandeur. At an appropriate time, he became an ascetic under Arindam Suri. Meditating about the omniscient and liberated souls and indulging in harsh penance, he purified his soul such as to earn the Tirthankara karma. After his death he became a Indra in an 'anuttar viman' named Vijay. This jeev later on became Lord Ajitnatha.

Birth Of Lord Ajitnatha

The soul of Lord Ajitnatha entered mother Vijaysena's womb on Jyeshtha Krishna Amavasya. Queen Vijaysena saw sixteen dreams the night before Lord's incarnation. Indra ordered Kuber to rain jewels all around Ayodhya. On the propitious day of Magh Shukla Dashmi, Ajitnatha was born. His father King Jitshatru and mother Queen Vijaysena were filled with utmost joy. During Vijaysena's pregnancy, glory and influence of Jitshatru increased manifolds and many kingdoms surrendered to him. It became a common practice to say, "King Jitashatru is invincible (Ajit)." So when Vijayasena gave birth to the son King Jitashatra named him as Ajit, inspired by the popular lore.


As time passed, Ajit Kumar married Laxmi. Since childhood itself was very religious and quite detached from the world. So when his father decided to become a ascetic and hand over the throne to Ajit, he declined and the throne passed to his cousin brother Sagara. Sagara became a Chravartin, while Ajit Kumar gave up everything and took diksha. This day is celebrated as Ajitnatha's Diksha Kalyanak on Magh Shukla Navmi. After becoming a saint, Muni Ajitnatha devoted his life to spiritual pursuit. He recieved his first alms as an ascetic in Saketnagari by King Brahma. He was offered Kheer.

Omniscience And Liberation

After twelve year period of deep meditation and other spiritual practices Muni Ajitnatha attained omniscience(Kevalgyan) on Paush Shukla 11. The gods created Samavsharan (the divine pavilion) and Bhagawan Ajitnath gave his eloquent and magnetic discourses. He had 90 chief disciples(Gandharas) such as Sri Sinhsen. Thousands of people attended his sermon and accepted the path of renunciation. Present in his samavsharan were, 1 Lakh Munis, 3.5 Lakhs Aryika and around 8 Lakh Male and Female Votaries. Lord Ajitnatha's demigod and godess are Mahayaksha Dev and Rohini Devi.

Ajitnatha attained moksha on Chaitra Shukla Panchami from Sammed Shikaharji.