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Shri Vimalnath Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra, Kampilaji At post Kampila, Taluka Kayamganj, District Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh Phone number: 05690-271230

Nearby cities: Kayamganj -10km, Mainpuri 60km, Agra -150km, Kanpur -180km, Farrukhabad - 40 Km

This is the place of Garbha, Janma, Tup & Gyan Kalyanaka of Bhagwan Vimalnath, the 13th Teerthankar. It was here that the 10th Chakravarti Shri Harishen & 12th Chakravarti Shri Brahmadatta were born and they had ruled over the world from here. Sati Draupadi was born and had her Swayamwar here. Tirthankar Adinath's and Parswanth's samavasharan had come here. In the North-West part of Kampil City in the middle of population, there is an ancient temple of V.S. 492 which is constructed on a 10 feet high platform, about 1500 years old. Bhagwan Vimalnath’s idol 2 feet high in cross legged seating posture is the principal deity of this temple, idol is supposed to be more then 2500 years old, magnificent & attractive, Black in colour. It is said that this was recovered from river Ganga. There are many other idols worth to be seen. The spire of temple is very high & vast.