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Lord Padmaprabh
-Presented By - Jinesh Sanjay Jain Papdiwal
Sixth Tirthankara

Birth: Kaushambi
Nirvana: Sammed Shikarji


Lord Padmaprabh is the sixth Tirthankara in the current avasarpini cycle. Whilst all Tirthankara in Jainism are born in Ayodhya, there have been numerous discrepancies to this rule in the present timeline. Lord Padmaprabha was born in Kaushambi to King Dharanraj and Queen Susima. Born in the Ikshvaku dynasty, he renounced everything to walk the path to salvation. He lived for 30 lac purva years. Padmaprabh Swami is widely worshipped and his idols have a red lotus which is his symbol.

Previous Life

Padmaprabh was King Aparajit in his previous life. He ruled over Susimanagar in 'Vatsadesh'. On giving up his kingdom he went to pihitastrav jinendra to get diksha. There on harsh meditation and practicing the eleven unit, he earned the tirthankara nature. He became an Ahamindra in the upper graiveyak in pritikar viman.


On the holy day of 'Magh Krishna pashti' King Dharan's wife Queen Susima embodied the Ahamindra in her womb. Few months later Queen Susima gave birth to her son on 'Kartik Krishna Trayodashi'. The Saudharm Indra after his anointment in 'panduk shila' named him Padmaprabh. One day listening to the story of an elephant tied to a door,Swami Padmaprabh remembered his past life and felt reclusive. He went to Manohar forest and on 'Kartik Krishna Trayodashi' undertook vows of Jaineshwari diksha under a Priyangu Tree. Six months later on 'Chaitra Shukla Purnima' Lord Padmaprabh attained omniscience. After preaching for years, Padmaprabhu finally attained nirvana on 'Falgun Krushna Chathurti' from Mount Sammed Shikharji.