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File:Tattvartha Sutra.jpeg
Book cover of English and Hindi translation of Tattvarthsutra (non-copyright)

Tattvārthsūtra (also known as Tattvarth-adhigama-sutra or Moksh-Shastra) is a Jain text written by Acharya Umaswami. It is accepted by all Jains and is therefore "The holy book of the Jains".

Its ten chapters are:-

  1. Faith and Knowledge
  2. The Category of the Living
  3. The Lower World and the Middle World
  4. The Celestial Beings
  5. The Category of the Non-Living
  6. Influx of Karma
  7. The Five Vows
  8. Bondage of Karma
  9. Stoppage and Shedding of Karma
  10. Liberation


Tattvarthsutra:English and Hindi translation by Vijay K. Jain (ed.)