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DUI convictions bring about substantial and life altering consequences that can be manifested afterwards in life. You are able to face the suspension of your driver's license, significant jail time, hefty fines, a criminal record, driving record, and increased insurance premiums. The other non legal effect that is a consequence of a DUI can include damage to your reputation, humiliation, as well as loss of personal and professional relationships. If you are facing an arrest for DUI, then it's very important to inform the DUI Attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC and secure a totally free case evaluation to ensure that we are able to closely analyze the situation to determine exactly how we can help you. South Carolina DUI Lawyers, South Carolina DUI Attorneys, SC DUI Attorneys

What Types Of DUI Cases Do We Defend?

Whether you're experiencing a first offense or have already been accused of a number of DUI crimes, our DUI Attorneys can fight for the best possible effect for your charges. We understand the severe DUI penalties which might be involved if you're charged, so we shall stop at nothing to defend you. Contact 803.252.4800 to plan a totally free consultation with your Columbia SC DUI Attorneys. Let us handle your case.

Learn Why You Really Need a DUI Lawyer Right Now

SC DUI regulations are deliberately designed to come-down hard on drunk drivers. Whether it’s an initial DUI charge or even a repeat-offense, being found guilty of driving under the influence is really a mandatory conviction to include heavy fees, charges and possible jail time, along with possible license suspension. However, being arrested isn't a conviction. Just because you've been arrested in South Carolina for a DUI doesn't signify your life has ended. Now's the time to fight and confront this dilemma with the resources available to you.

DUI Lawyers For You Personally and Your Family, Call 803.252.4800 Today

A DUI is a serious offense that not only has a strong social stigma but can also be aggressively prosecuted by the authorities. Furthermore, DUI charges are the one crime almost certainly to affect our household, buddies, professionals and people who've never experienced any legal trouble and will probably never experience the legal justice system again.

If you are arrested and charged with DUI, time is of the essence and locating a lawyer that will help you wade through the murky water is essential to ensuring your rights are protected. Allow our Columbia SC DUI lawyers to assist you today.

Your DUI Conviction Will Likely Have Serious Personal and Professional Consequences

Whenever your lifestyle is turned upsidedown as a result of a DUI charge, you must react quickly as time is of the essence. Your SC DUI attorney will have the ability to document the notice for you personally and pursue a driving permit to give your driving privileges for another month. In the formal review hearing your DUI lawyer will be able to argue against the administrative suspension of your driver’s license by subpoenaing the law enforcement officer and challenging all aspects of the DUI charge, from the traffic stop itself to the methods and equipment used by the police force.

The information and facts you obtain at this web page is not, nor is it intended to be, advice. You must seek advice from a lawyer for advice concerning your individual case. This post is not meant to and does not create an attorney-client relationship. (803-252-4800) J.P.Strom, Jr. P.A. Strom Law Firm, LLC 2110 Beltline Boulevard Columbia, South Carolina 29204