Historical Founder of Jainism

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Lord RisabhaDeva

Historical Founder of Jainism


Rishabhdev is the Historical Founder of Jainism. The world has been grossly mistaken about the age of Jainism. Today from the excavated seals and images it is certain that Jainism was flourishing at the date of the Mohenjo-Daro Civilization, over 5,000 year ago. But the last word should certainly go to the Hindus who have never disputed the fact that Rishabh Deva was the original founder of Jainism, and that its antiquity is immense and to be measured in millions.

The date of Risabha Deva’s age is simply unfixable; all that can be said about his time is that it was anterior to all forms of rational religion; for all mythologies, all allegories, of all lands and people that have a rational interpretation, yield only fragments of the Truth taught by him, when properly interpreted, and would be quite unintelligible and misleading with out the light (of his Word). The Jaina chronology places Him at an almost immeasurable antiquity in the past; but the Hindus, who recognize the Tirthankara as one of the incarnatitons of Vishnu, hold that no less than twenty«eight yugas (cycles) have elapsed since His time. All that can be said definitely about his age, then, is that He flourished very very far back in the hoariest of hoary antiquity, and that He was prior to all systematized forms of religion.

Founder of Jainism book cover
Birthplace Ayodhya (U.P.)
Father King Nabhirai
Mother Queen Marudevi
Caste (Varna) Kshatriya
Dynasty Ikshvaku
Body Colour Golden
Symbol Bull
Age 84 Lac Purva Years
Body Occupancy 2 Thousand Hands
Incarnation (in womb) Asharh Krishna 2
Initiation Chaitra Krishna 9
Initiation Omniscience Forest & Tree-Siddharth Forest (Prayag) & Banyan Tree
First Food Given by King Shreyans of Hastinapur (Sugar cane Juice)
Omniscience Falgun Krishna 11
Salvation Magh Krishna 14
Salvation Place Kailash Mountain
Chief Disciples (Gandhars) 84 (Shri Vrishabhsen etc.)
Saints (Munis) 84 Thousand
Chief Aryika (Ganini) Aryika Brahmi
Female saints (Aryikas) 3.5 Lacs
Male Votaries 3 Lacs
Female Votaries 5 Lacs
Male Demigod Gomukh Dev
Female Demigod Chakreshvari Devi