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Three Jewels Of Jainism

Three jewels of Jainism are right faith (Samyak Darshan) , right knowledge (Samyak Gyan) and Right conduct (Samyak Caritra). These three collectively are called as Ratnatraya. Jainas are expected to have Ratnatraya because these together constitute the path of salvation.
Right Faith : Believe in the seven aspects of Reality (Tattvas) as described by Jina or Arihanta is right faith. So, Jainas belive in Supreme Soul- Arihanta and Sidha (Deva) , in their teaching (Sastras) and towards those Munies who practice the teachings of Jaina religion(Gurus) as a cause of right faith . In simple words , right faith is a spiritual awakening of one's self.
Right knowledge : The right knowledge is one by which the person becomes free from attachment and his soul is purified. We can achieve the Right knowledge by strong faith in the teaching of aritantas and through the study of their scriptures.
Right conduct : Withdrawal from the immoral conduct and devoting one's self to the moral conduct is the right faith. Without moral observance, the spiritual practices can not be sustained.